Tip #7: Don’t be too organised

Depending on your personality this might sound like madness. If your pay-cheque depends on making music, especially soundtracks, this tip really isn’t for you. If you’re a hobbyist, like me, you should be organised to an extent and no more. You need to draw a line. Where? Draw it where organisation costs creativity.

What do I mean? Take an example. Many people say it’s a good idea to have a project template. A blank project file with reusable stuff set up. Maybe you set up sends and channel routes etc etc. In some DAWs this might save you a lot of time… if that’s the case I would question whether that DAW is a good choice…. But really, what are you actually saving? Creativity? This, to me, is bad.

Good organisation:

  • Naming conventions
  • Filing conventions

Bad organisation:

  • Templates
  • Presets

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