Tip #4: Yours is the only judgement that matters

There are countless forum posts by newbs (and notsonewbs) asking for feedback on a track. Often feedback is given whether it’s asked for or not. The worst example of this is when someone posts a track and someone comments something like “keep trying you’ll get there eventually”… Could there be a more backhanded compliment? I’m sure they mean well, but this needs to be set straight:

Ask for feedback, take it as suggestions, but remember that your aim should not be to make a piece of music for which no-one could think of feedback to give (not least because that’s impossible). Your aim should be to make a piece of music such that if someone suggests it be different you can say “it is that way because I decided it be that way.” if someone says “that hihat should be louder” you should be able to think to yourself “the hihat is at a level I chose for it…I didn’t overlook it, and I’m happy with it.”

Often newbs will ask if something is ‘right’. Others then say what is the right level for a bass-line or whatever… If you like it, it’s right. Let them suggest to you options. Take them or leave them. Ultimately it’s your music and yours is the only judgement that matters.


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