Tip #2: Make compositions, not scenes

I think you should always try to make whole pieces of music. Often people have an idea for a track, maybe a hook or rhythm or something, and make a kind of small ‘idea track’. Usually such a track actually represents one scene within a bigger composition (probably the full-on bit). Imagine watching a movie but only getting to see a 3 minute scene of the most dramatic bit. Showing the scene out of context will likely make the audience wonder why they should care. I think music is a lot like this, even if it isn’t so obvious. Stories need to be told in their own time. The chase scene is only meaningful in context, so you shouldn’t cut to the chase.

If you have one of this idea tracks, take it apart, introduce each bit just like a movie introduces themes and characters. Figure out what makes it tick and explore it. If you don’t the listener can’t.


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